Our women, standing up and fighting back

Dave Prentis praised women activists at the National Delegate Conference in Bournemouth.

“I’ve seen the passion – the dedication of our activists,” he said. “Our women – strong, defiant, an outpouring of experiences: women talking of their lives, their families, the devastation of communities. Our women, a million of them, standing up and fighting back.…

In every one of our branches – people like you are making a difference. I never underestimate what you do. And this year, more than any, I thank you …

You are what makes this union great. The biggest campaign this union’s ever seen - the October 20th demo will be massive, but will just be the beginning as we campaign and battle through the autumn and winter to a UNISON spring....

So it’s up to us, the pressure is there and it’s simmering. So we must be out there; campaiging, organising, recruiting, building a movement, an unstoppable momentum. ...Leading from the front. Our flags and banners in every town and city. In every workplace. Our voices heard. Our heads held high. We’ve seen what we can do when there’s unity. We’ve seen what we can do when we’re strong. So conference, let’s be bold, let’s be strong. Let’s be proud. Let’s be UNISON. And together we’ll smash this pay freeze.”

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