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News Date23 Mar 2018
News ItemNorthants UNISON's Friday Forensic take on NCC Issue 2

Week 2 was another very strange week! It started with a Branch finance meeting to make sure that we are on track for the year. We have so many private employers that we now employ caseworkers to help with the work load. Monday also saw that very peculiar address by Mr Lawrenson who, by Wednesday, had resigned. Unfortunately Mr Lawrenson in his time as Interim CEO never once agreed to meet with Unions. Hopefully Mr Gwynne will.

Monday afternoon was also the time for the CCNF meeting which is the highest level meeting with Unions. Unfortunately I have still not received an official response to the pay claim of 3.5% that the all Unions put forward on 20th February. The full Council met on Thursday to discuss the pay policy and I spoke directly to them at this meeting and explained that if they truly believed that Staff are working over and above in these troubled times then they must acknowledge this in your pay packets.

We are still fighting the PADP debacle with Lorna attending a number of grievances on this issue. Talking of 'Grievances', NCC don't like that name and are trying to implement new wording for this despite all unions saying that it needs to be called what it is 'A Grievance Policy' and even ACAS agree. As usual it's only NCC who think differently. We keep fighting and keep asking not to be ignored. Please let me know if you prefer 'Grievance Policy' as a name or something more fluffy?

Also this week I met with our members in PROSPECTS which used to be Connexions which used to be Career Guidance. NCC has slashed 500k from their budget with immediate effect and so, not surprisingly, that will mean a lot of redundancies. We have 3 very good stewards there and I was able to talk them through the process and answer their queries.

We also had the NCC Group ECF (Employee Consultation Forum). I always think the term ECF is a misleading as there is very little consulting and we are usually presented with a fait accompli. This is another area facing many redundancies which long term may prove to be a false economy, but I'm fed up with saying 'I told you so'

As I write this we still haven't heard if or when Commissioners will be appointed. I have just checked Twitter to find out as unfortunately I hear most things via social media first than from NCC.

Have a good weekend and don't forget the clocks go forward Penny

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