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News Date25 Jan 2019
News ItemFriday Round up

Well this week’s been a busy but interesting one.

On Wednesday we attended the Council Budget Scrutiny Committee where I spoke about how we believe staff pay should be the first consideration on the budget not the last, with a "maybe you’ll get something if everything else balances" comment. As staff are their greatest asset they deserve at least a cost of living increase. I also asked for a return to full sick pay entitlements including removal of the unpaid day.

Wilky made a brilliant speech on behalf of Prospects, linking the potential cut of this 16-18’s advisory service to the gang issues which are becoming more prevalent in the county. His point was that with the lack of a county wide youth service, Prospects are the organisation who help NEET young people engage in society with a legal income, with work or training giving them a sense of belonging too, without this guidance more young people are likely to gravitate towards gangs and criminality.

Later that day I presented an iPad to Louise McGrath who is a young member. She had updated her details with Unison which entered her into the regional prize draw.

Ben King our Health & Safety Officer reports that car parking issues at One Angel Square & William Knibb persist, and thank you for those members who have kept us updated of the situation. The latest is there’s no replacement for the Faxi App and car sharers aren’t given priority spaces. We would like to hear from others who have experienced issues, so we can take this up.

Ben will also have a stall 30th January between 11am and 2pm at Angel Square if you would like to stop by and say hello.

Lorna reports that in 2018 East Midlands Unison members received £7720 in learning grants, for more info on how Unison supports members go to support /. This is well worth looking into.

Andy our Branch Chairperson attended a pension meeting at Unison HQ ensuring we stay involved with and protect the LGPS pension pot. This is a very important role as how and where LGPS funds are invested has a direct impact on all of us who will rely on it in our retirement.

Gary and Emmanuelle our Branch employed staff have also been busy out and about representing our private sector members.

We now have a Women’s Officer and a Vice Chair so all posts are now filled, thank you all!

Tonight, Friday, Lorna our Assistant Branch Secretary, Ella Smith-Gibbs our Young Members Officer, Andy the Branch Chairperson and Amanda our Branch Administrator will be representing the Branch at the East Midlands Branch of the Year Awards in Nottingham. I’ll let you know next week if we won anything.

Then tomorrow, Saturday morning, I will be attending the Regional Council Meeting also in Nottingham along with the other Branch Secretaries from across the region.

In solidarity
Kev Standishday

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